March 22nd, 2015


Gesso – All About Gesso

If you’ve ever looked at Gesso in an art shop and wondered what it is or if you’ve never discovered gesso, then you are missing out on a wonderful, versatile product.


  • Gesso is essential for any artist’s toolbox.
  • Gesso is a great primer for your canvas, sketch book or ATC etc.
  • Gesso strengthens paper
  • Gesso can be used like glue.
  • Gesso provides a smooth surface.
  • Use gesso to paint blocks as a background to art journal pages or ATCs.
  • Gesso prevents wrinkling.
  • Gesso absorbs paint and glue.
  • Gesso is great to add texture
  • Use gesso to white colour or black colour a page.
  • A dark priming brings the elements of your painting together and also saves time when painting.
  • Mix acrylic with clear gesso base to make your own coloured gesso.
  • Use clear gesso to dull the gloss on pictures cut out from magazines and used in collages / scrapbooking / art journals.

Do you use gesso? Share how you use gesso. Do you have a favourite brand?